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Affordable PTS AATOS Tourbillon.

Hi All, I Have just landed my self an AATOS Tiago tourbillon with a PTS 3310 movement.

I have seen very little info on these and even fewer real pics so I thought I would rectify the situation and do a mini review and post a few bad pics for peoples reference.

On the whole the watch is well made but to be honest the case construction is nothing special and seems on par with the ingersolls and lower end seagulls I have but not as nice as a seiko or a citizen of a lower price point obviously most of the cost of the watch is in the movement and speaking of the movement it is the star of the show I prefer the central tourbillion arrangement of the PTS when compared to the offset arangement of the balance wheel some other tourbillion movements have I just think it looks cleaner.

The strap is good quality and is a very nice red brown colour the strap is a lot nicer than what would come on your typical parnis.

The movement its self is nice and clean and seems to run about 12 seconds slow a day so far but I have only owned the watch for a day.

the dial is nice with a subtle 3D sun ray pattern.

The dial printing is fine when viewed with the naked eye but is sloppy when blown up a bit all the applied silver numerals are well attached and perfectly aligned as far as I can see.

the Crown is well made with a nice blue sapphire on the end hand winding the watch is solid with a smooth feeling to it not gritty or jumpy at all unlike some movements I have come across.

One thing that goes against this model is its lack of a sapphire crystal but it was not a deal breaker for me but people may want to bear it in mind.

On the whole I am fairly pleased with the watch and it is a bit of a dream come true for me to accentually own a as I thought I would never be able to afford one thank you AATOS and PTS Resources.

Now I just hope one day a chinese manufacturer sees fit to produce an affordable minute repeater.

AATOS Tiago Review The Cheapest Tourbillon Watch In The World.

W hen the first Chinese tourbillons came out in 2007 there was a collective gasp in the watch community.

For the first time ever, one could, at an accessible price, buy and own a tourbillon without the huge price tag of a Swiss one.

Tourbillon fever ran rampant among the watch community and the forums were instantly set alight.

I remember those murky days well when I trawled through the internet looking for scraps of information.

What did these tourbillons look like.

Were they good.

And most importantly, how could I buy them.

Tourbillon fever ran its course for me quite quickly.

Early designs were ugly derivatives of Swiss designs, and prices, though much lower than a Swiss one, were still high, coming in at multiple thousands in USD.

At that price, it was not on the cards to risk the money on an unknown quantity when the same amount could buy me a decent Rolex that I could get serviced or resold very easily.

It is now February 2013, and I have in my hands, a Chinese tourbillon bought at the amazingly eye popping price of 399 GBP from Amazon UK.

Why do I have this watch.

My recent entry into watch blogging came to the attention of a long-lost friend who contacted me to tell me that he had just bought a tourbillon watch from Amazon.

Now, this friend does not know much about , and often defers to me for advice.

So, when he told me that he had paid 399 GBP , I instantly assumed that he had overpaid for one of those faux tourbillons, i.

e the open heart.

He brought it along to meet me so that I could have a look at it.

I checked the open window at 6 o clock and sure enough, the escape wheel and pinion was circling around the balance wheel.

I checked the invoice also and sure enough, I saw only three figures in the price, instead of the usual five or six normally associated with a tourbillon.

So this was the real deal.

Not an open heart, but a true blue and plainly authentic tourbillon.

How was this possible.

The watch in question was the AATOS TiagoLSB, a watch from a brand that doubtless many have not heard of.

A quick Google search turns up a bunch of online retailers, but no official brand website or company address.

Архив объявлений о продаже часов.

Ссылки сообщества Социальные группы Цитаты Watch.

ru Галерея фотографий Галерея фотоальбомов Конкурсы и викторины.

Пол мужские Год покупки 2013 БУ часы, состояние AA отличное Полировка нет.

Цена 17 000 руб.

продажа Коробка нет Документы нет.

AATOS Original Tourbillon Tiago.

Тип завода ручной завод.

Диаметр корпуса без головки mm 42мм.

Водозащита ATM 50 метров.

Ремешок натуральная кожа под крокодила.

Стекло закаленное минеральное.

Материал корпуса сталь.

Калибр турбийон с ручным заводом.

Тольщина корпуса 11мм.

Запас хода – 36 часов.

Часы носились изредка – сохранен оригинальный ремень.

При необходимости может быть заменен на любой – стандартные дужки.

Качества исполнения – очень хорошее, но для этого лучше смотреть не мои фото, так как я фотографировать не умею.

Точность хода у них – 2 секунды в сутки.

Состояние стекла – идеальное.

Если будут нужны дополнительные фото, то сделаю по запросу и добавлю в тему.

Часы в наличии и готовы к отправке.

Комплектация – только сами часы, коробка была у них чисто символическая и маленькая и потому не сохранилась.

Вы получаете все, что указано на фото, я в свою очередь гарантирую очень качественную упаковку и мгновенную отправку в течение суток.

Цена продажи указана вместе с доставкой в любую точку РФ.

Review of the Aatos Lady s Automatic Leather Band Wristwatch G-AdelaLGG.

Walter Shillington is an avid collector of mechanical watches.

His reviews focus on inexpensive but often intriguing Chinese timepieces.

As Christmas approached, I began my search for the perfect gift.

One that my niece, who has finished school and is about to jump-start her career, would appreciate.

She is young, trendy, and fashion-conscious.

Since I am not, the selection of the proper gift was bound to be a harrowing experience.

In my search, I came across this offering from Aatos.

She would like this timepiece, wouldn t she.

After all, it s gold plated.

Every woman loves gold.

I took a deep breath and clicked the order button.

The Aatos G-AdelaLGG is available at eBay and Amazon.

It can be purchased new for 30, and lightly used units are available on eBay at half that price.

Those unlucky enough to live outside of Europe are subject to a shipping fee of 19.

The new watch arrived one week after it was ordered.

It came well packed, wrapped around a tiny black pillow, and secured inside a cardboard watch box.

This timepiece weights in at 58 grams 2.

04 ounces , and including crown, measures 40.

It is 13 cm thick.

The leather band is quite thick and measures 20 cm across.

The metal case is gold-plated.

This wristwatch features a yellow dial of open heart design.

A subdial to the left provides the time in twenty-four-hour format.

To its right, the sun and moon rise and set inside a rotating display.

For those that would prefer a perkier design and a full calendar, check out my review of the Aatos G-DoliaLSPink.

Crammed between the whirling balance wheel and the post where the main hands are attached, a tiny subdial houses the second hand.

All hands and pointers are colored gold.

The back case features a large window, through which the operation of the movement can be viewed.

AATOS is engraved onto the surface of the rotor.

The mainspring of an automatic watch is wound by taking advantage of the wearer s arm movements.

This motion swings a weight the technical term is rotor back and forth.

The rotor is firmly attached to a staff, which is connected to a ratcheted winding mechanism.

The purpose of this mechanism is to tighten the mainspring.

Most automatic watches can also be wound by turning the crown.

This is a nice, if not completely necessary, feature that the Aatos G-AdelaLGG lacks.

The watchband is brown, complimenting the dial quite nicely.

The back is branded AATOS and marked ECHT LEDER, which translates to real leather.

I ll accept this statement.

Certainly, this strap is of much higher quality than the PU leather normally found on Chinese watchbands.

The Manufacturer.

Aatos is what is commonly known as a mushroom brand.

Aatos, M Johansson, and Eppman are all trademarks owned by a marketing company, which, unfortunately, I have been unable to identify.

German based venders are used to distribute their watches via eBay and Amazon.

I suspect these venders, AJ Watches Germany and Watch Store Germany , are owned by the same marketing company.

This firm is likely based in either Germany or China.

Possibly these watches have been designed in Germany, but they are manufactured in China.

Aatos achieved favorable notice, several years ago, when they marketed the Tiago, which proved to be the first tourbillon watch available for less than 1,000.

Condition New with box.

Slightly used available without warranty.

Year of manufacture 2010 to present.

Place of origin China.

Vendors are located within Germany.

Features Open heart design and transparent back case.

Functions 24-hour display and rotating moon sun.

Band material Leather.

Band width 20 mm.

Band color Brown.

Dial color Pale yellow.

Dial window material Hardened, scratch proof, mineral glass.

Case material Gold plated metal.

Case diameter 40.

9 including crown.

Case thickness 13 mm.

Weight 58 grams 2.

Water resistance 1 ATM.

Splash-proof only.

Not designed for use in water.

Visual Appeal.

The shiny gold case lends an air of sophistication to this timepiece.

All subdials are well designed and the rapidly oscillating balance wheel catches the eye.

I m not so fond of the background color; a black or white dial would provide greater contrast against the gold hands.

Pale yellow was chosen because it allows this watch to be matched with a greater variety of clothing.

Although the included leather watchband is very nice, some women might prefer a gold-plated, stainless-steel strap.

The Aatos G-CeciliaGGG , a similarly priced watch, will more closely match their taste.

All secondary functions worked perfectly.

I placed the Aatos timepiece into my Diplomat watch winder for a period of seven days.

The watch gained an average of five seconds per day.

For an automatic watch, this level of accuracy is considered outstanding.

Overall construction is solid.

The hands turned smoothly when I adjusted the time by pulling and turning the crown.

The strap appears to be composed of good quality leather and should wear well.

Automatic and mechanical watches require routine maintenance cleaning and lubrication every three to five years.

Watches in this price range normally receive little maintenance, simply because it is cheaper to replace the timepiece.

In my judgment, this watch will run well for three to four years.

Then, as dust accumulates and lubricating oils dry, accuracy will begin to suffer.

Eventually, it will fail.

To ensure the lubricating oils do not thicken and interfere with the operation of the timepiece, it is advisable to wear the watch at least once every three months.

Overall Impression.

This gold-plated Aatos automatic is fitted with a couple of fun if not particularly useful secondary functions.

It is well built, very accurate, and can be shipped to your door for less than 50.

If you like the design, this watch is worthy of serious consideration.

Mostly, I write reviews of men s watches.

To assist with the selection of timepieces of interest to women for future articles, I ask that you fill in the survey below.

Of the choices below, which quality would most influence your selection of a new watch.

Questions Answers.

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by Walter Shillington 0.

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Review of the Jaragar JR13 Men s Automatic Watch with Calendar and Moon Phase.

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