Aatos watch tourbillon

Aatos watch tourbillonAATOS Tiago The Cheapest Tourbillon – Can Anyone Locate.

I ve been trying to track this watch down for a while.

It s called the Aatos Tiago.

It s meant to be the cheapest tourbillon watch ever chinese .

Looks cool, too.

Looked everywhere, but it seems to be completely vanished from the earth.

Here s an article about it.

Wanted to see if anyone has any information about it.

Where it might have gone.

How to acquire one.

AATOS Tiago Review The Cheapest Tourbillon Watch In The World.

W hen the first Chinese tourbillons came out in 2007 there was a collective gasp in the watch community.

For the first time ever, one could, at an accessible price, buy and own a tourbillon without the huge price tag of a Swiss one.

Tourbillon fever ran rampant among the watch community and the forums were instantly set alight.

I remember those murky days well when I trawled through the internet looking for scraps of information.

What did these tourbillons look like.

Were they good.

And most importantly, how could I buy them.

Tourbillon fever ran its course for me quite quickly.

Early designs were ugly derivatives of Swiss designs, and prices, though much lower than a Swiss one, were still high, coming in at multiple thousands in USD.

At that price, it was not on the cards to risk the money on an unknown quantity when the same amount could buy me a decent Rolex that I could get serviced or resold very easily.

It is now February 2013, and I have in my hands, a Chinese tourbillon bought at the amazingly eye popping price of 399 GBP from Amazon UK.

Why do I have this watch.

My recent entry into watch blogging came to the attention of a long-lost friend who contacted me to tell me that he had just bought a tourbillon watch from Amazon.

Now, this friend does not know much about , and often defers to me for advice.

So, when he told me that he had paid 399 GBP , I instantly assumed that he had overpaid for one of those faux tourbillons, i.

e the open heart.

He brought it along to meet me so that I could have a look at it.

I checked the open window at 6 o clock and sure enough, the escape wheel and pinion was circling around the balance wheel.

I checked the invoice also and sure enough, I saw only three figures in the price, instead of the usual five or six normally associated with a tourbillon.

So this was the real deal.

Not an open heart, but a true blue and plainly authentic tourbillon.

How was this possible.

The watch in question was the AATOS TiagoLSB, a watch from a brand that doubtless many have not heard of.

A quick Google search turns up a bunch of online retailers, but no official brand website or company address.

AATOS Jakobas Tourbillon.

The Chinese made tourbillon circa 2010.

I sa whoopeeshit Well I am home from work now so I pulled it from the back of my display case to show it off.

It started with some wine and a few YouTube videos about various tourbillon movements that all cost a gazillion dollars or more and I found the inevitable videos of the cheap Chinese made tourbillons.

AATOS, Android, Minorva and the like.

I moved onto my third glass and eBay because I like to live dangerously.

So I found this AATOS Jakobas up for sale and the auction was ending within the hour.

I sniped it away from another buyer whose purchase history indicated he was a watch dealer.

That made me feel that it was a good purchase since if anything I could likely resell it if I had buyers remorse.

I think I paid 220.

It wasn t enough to worry about not making the next car payment.

So that is how I ended up with my own tourbillon.

It runs quite well and I know it doesn t lose time over the 1 full day I might wear it, which is rarely since large 44mm watches are just awkward for me.

Older generation you know.

Kids these days with their giant blinged out hockey puck sized watches.

What the hell man.

Here are a few more pics of it.

Close up of the watch face.

It really it quite well made cosmetically speaking.

I suppose the screws could line up better and there are little imperfections in the chrome finish if you look at it through a loupe but seeing as how it is in fact chrome and steel and not gold or platinum it looks good for the price.

This particular watch did not come with an exhibition back so I had to take the back cover off for this shot.

It is a shame it doesn t have said exhibition back since they clearly went through some trouble with the lathe to dress it up a bit.

The manufacturers even partially skeletonized under the tourbillon cage.

One last artsy shot.

Hope I followed the guide well enough for your approval.

The vintage acrylic grapes on the marble pedestal table didn t seem classy enough so I added the little Chopin bust as well.

Then a bottle of Yakult because regular bowel movements are important.

OK, that was fun.

I don t have a cute pet to wrap up with so here is the first pic to come up when I GIS Someone else s puppy .

edit Some more details.

The Jakobas features a GMT hour on the left there, set to GMT -5 for me.

On the right is a day night indicator.

Which is the Chinese way of saying we wanted something cool looking like a moon phase indicator but we ll be damned if we re going through THAT much trouble.

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Affordable PTS AATOS Tourbillon.

Hi All, I Have just landed my self an AATOS Tiago tourbillon with a PTS 3310 movement.

I have seen very little info on these and even fewer real pics so I thought I would rectify the situation and do a mini review and post a few bad pics for peoples reference.

On the whole the watch is well made but to be honest the case construction is nothing special and seems on par with the ingersolls and lower end seagulls I have but not as nice as a seiko or a citizen of a lower price point obviously most of the cost of the watch is in the movement and speaking of the movement it is the star of the show I prefer the central tourbillion arrangement of the PTS when compared to the offset arangement of the balance wheel some other tourbillion movements have I just think it looks cleaner.

The strap is good quality and is a very nice red brown colour the strap is a lot nicer than what would come on your typical parnis.

The movement its self is nice and clean and seems to run about 12 seconds slow a day so far but I have only owned the watch for a day.

the dial is nice with a subtle 3D sun ray pattern.

The dial printing is fine when viewed with the naked eye but is sloppy when blown up a bit all the applied silver numerals are well attached and perfectly aligned as far as I can see.

the Crown is well made with a nice blue sapphire on the end hand winding the watch is solid with a smooth feeling to it not gritty or jumpy at all unlike some movements I have come across.

One thing that goes against this model is its lack of a sapphire crystal but it was not a deal breaker for me but people may want to bear it in mind.

On the whole I am fairly pleased with the watch and it is a bit of a dream come true for me to accentually own a as I thought I would never be able to afford one thank you AATOS and PTS Resources.

Now I just hope one day a chinese manufacturer sees fit to produce an affordable minute repeater.