Aatos tiago chinese tourbillon watch review купить

Aatos tiago chinese tourbillon watch review купитьThread Affordable tourbillons.

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Affordable tourbillons.

What is the current state with affordable tourbillons.

Any known or recomended best buy for someone who just want to have an affordable in his collection.

I just saw Nautec No Limit German micro mushroom germasian brand Tourbillon for 600 EUR 825 on Amazon BuyVip.

Any better alternative.

Re Affordable tourbillons.

Those just make for expensive throwaways.

Re Affordable tourbillons.

Re Affordable tourbillons.

That s about the cheapest Tourbillon I ve seen.

I ve been looking too.

I would have to think that, even though the watch you ve listed here may be cheaper, that there is still something to be said about the quality of the watch.

I would be interested in what others with more experience have to say.

Re Affordable tourbillons.

It seems like a Sea-Gull would probably be just as good an option as that.

if not better.

Re Affordable tourbillons.

Isn t that statement an oxymoron.

Either he s dead or my watch has stopped Groucho Marx.

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Albert Einstein.

Re Affordable tourbillons.

If you re going to buy a Chinese tourbillon, you should buy it from a legitimate Chinese watch brand who will have the expertise to service the watch.

Also, not all Chinese tourbillon movements are equal in quality.

I would consider Perpetual Watch or Seagull.

My Seagull 818.

900 which I purchased from Good-Stuffs.

com is a very nice watch at just under 1300, and the cost of service through them is very reasonable.

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Aatos Tiago Chinese Tourbillon Watch Review.

Aatos Tiago Chinese Tourbillon Watch Review.

Post by koimaster July 7th 2016, 4 13pm.

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AATOS Tiago The Cheapest Tourbillon – Can Anyone Locate.

I ve been trying to track this watch down for a while.

It s called the Aatos Tiago.

It s meant to be the cheapest tourbillon watch ever chinese .

Looks cool, too.

Looked everywhere, but it seems to be completely vanished from the earth.

Here s an article about it.

Wanted to see if anyone has any information about it.

Where it might have gone.

How to acquire one.

AATOS Tiago Review The Cheapest Tourbillon Watch In The World.

W hen the first Chinese tourbillons came out in 2007 there was a collective gasp in the watch community.

For the first time ever, one could, at an accessible price, buy and own a tourbillon without the huge price tag of a Swiss one.

Tourbillon fever ran rampant among the watch community and the forums were instantly set alight.

I remember those murky days well when I trawled through the internet looking for scraps of information.

What did these tourbillons look like.

Were they good.

And most importantly, how could I buy them.

Tourbillon fever ran its course for me quite quickly.

Early designs were ugly derivatives of Swiss designs, and prices, though much lower than a Swiss one, were still high, coming in at multiple thousands in USD.

At that price, it was not on the cards to risk the money on an unknown quantity when the same amount could buy me a decent Rolex that I could get serviced or resold very easily.

It is now February 2013, and I have in my hands, a Chinese tourbillon bought at the amazingly eye popping price of 399 GBP from Amazon UK.

Why do I have this watch.

My recent entry into watch blogging came to the attention of a long-lost friend who contacted me to tell me that he had just bought a tourbillon watch from Amazon.

Now, this friend does not know much about , and often defers to me for advice.

So, when he told me that he had paid 399 GBP , I instantly assumed that he had overpaid for one of those faux tourbillons, i.

e the open heart.

He brought it along to meet me so that I could have a look at it.

I checked the open window at 6 o clock and sure enough, the escape wheel and pinion was circling around the balance wheel.

I checked the invoice also and sure enough, I saw only three figures in the price, instead of the usual five or six normally associated with a tourbillon.

So this was the real deal.

Not an open heart, but a true blue and plainly authentic tourbillon.

How was this possible.

The watch in question was the AATOS TiagoLSB, a watch from a brand that doubtless many have not heard of.

A quick Google search turns up a bunch of online retailers, but no official brand website or company address.