Tourbillon watch aliexpress

Tourbillon watch aliexpressTourbillon watch aliexpress.

com itm Aidophedo-Carrousel-Tourbillon-Mechanical-Wrist-Watch-for-Men – 142937987911 Нравится классический дизайн, небольшая толщина и компоновка мостов да, на зад часов тоже люблю смотреть.

Но циферблат, на мой взгляд, как-то пустоват.

Кто так назвал часы.

Что это вообще за названия Akribos, Aidophedo.

Ну, есть ещё Android.

Неплохие турбины делают, кстати.

Название на любителя, но точно не для яблофана.

Всем спасибо за предложенные варианты.

Да, с обхватом запястья мне не очень повезло.

Вот покажу как выглядит на руке мой Фредерик с диаметром 38 мм и толщиной 10 мм.

Сейчас нацепил часы диаметром 42 мм и толщиной 12,5 мм.

Сильно велики.

450 Tourbillon AliExpress China Watch ERA Prometheus Killer Seagull Men s Mechanical Unboxing.

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Понравилось видео.

Не понравилось.

I was inundated with ads on Facebook about Tourbillon made by Era that are for the amazingly cheap, 1,500.


Then I looked on AliExpress and found this one for 442.

It s much smaller and classier.

Dial Diameter is only 40mm and thickness of 10mm.

I m super glad I bought this over the monstrosity that is the ERA Prometheus.

I also like the movement better as it has two wheels rotating against one another like two stars trapped in each other s gravitational pull.

High-end Men s Tourbillon Watch 50m Waterproof ST8000 Tourbillon Movement Clock Crocodile Leather Men Mechanical Watches As Gift.

Mechanical watch with tourbillon for 60.

Tourbillons are incredibly hard to make and I guarantee this is just an exposed balance wheel and not an actual tourbillon.

This watch looks like it uses the same Seagull movement that all of these Chinese exposed balance wheel tourbillon watches use.

That being said, it s a very nice movement for the money and I have one in a Parnis watch that has been dead reliable over the past 10 years.

Thanks for the clarification.

But i don t really understand the difference between tourbillon and balance wheel.

Where can i find information about the difference.

Tourbillon watch aliexpress.


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