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A marvel of mechanics.

The word to describe what is inarguably the most revered complication in the world of watches is borrowed from the French language Tourbillon meaning whirlwind , as the name describes, is a component that turns 360 degrees within a watch.

To be precise, the escapement, which is found in all mechanical watches, is modified to make a full rotation every minute in order to counter the gravitational force that is exerted on it.

This is to improve the overall accuracy of the watch and because of their mesmerising mechanics and the sheer skill that goes into creating this masterpiece, tourbillons are held in very high regard amongst watch enthusiasts.

A whirlwind on the wrist a closer look at the tourbillon and its functions.

The tourbillon was invented in 1795 by Abraham-Louis Breguet, the legendary watchmaking visionary.

The patent was granted to Breguet in 1801 in Paris.

The complications prime function was to compensate for inaccuracies caused by changes in a pocket watch s position relative to the gravitational force that was exerted on the watch.

The Breguet Tourbillon s escapement is placed within a carriage that makes a full revolution in regular intervals around the centre seconds pinion.

Due to that rotation, the gravitational force is exerted in equal parts at each point of the escapement, in essence negating the effect of gravity on the critical points of the movement by taking it out of the equation, thus correcting for gravitational error.

Unlike a pocket watch, wristwatches are usually in frequent motion throughout the day, thus achieving the same effect a tourbillon would on a static timepiece.

Nonetheless, the ability to create tourbillon is equatable to a badge of honour in horology, as it is at the pinnacle of fine watchmaking.

Its purpose may be primarily aesthetical, but it is a spectacular addition to a watch that is held in high regard for good reason.

Variants and innovations.

The Tourbillon.

Throughout history, several different variants of the tourbillon have been created.

From the Tourbillon to the Gyrotourbillon, let us have a look at the different creations the great masters of horology have invented.

ERA Timepieces set out with one singular goal — to take haute horlogerie complications and make them accessible to the common man.

The ERA Prometheus is our first model, which features a skeletonized HZ3360A Tourbillon movement with a GMT Dual timezone complication on the left and a sun-moon complication on the right.

ERA Timepiece s CEO is Michael Galarza, who started the company by partnering up with master watchmakers that he s met over the years through his goods distribution business.

Our concept seems to have legs, as we raised 50K before even launching on Kickstarter, then another additional 175K in 1 week on Kickstarter, and then hit the 700K mark in less than 4 weeks after launching.

This proves that regular people want Tourbillons to be accessible to them.

They want tourbillon timepieces that created by a real brand that understands how to do proper branding and all the details associated with that, yet isn t trying to price gouge because they need to spend the bulk of their advertising budget on celebrity sponsorship deals.

The inspiration of our branding as you can see from our logo is Art Nouveau, and centered around the time period of the Great Gatsby.

So streamline, black chrome blue color palette, early Rimowa suitcases, etc.

Leading ERA Timepieces is Michael Galarza, who has been enthralled with timepieces since before he could read and write.

One of his earliest memories is sitting in the corner of the room, with his ear to a pocketwatch that his father owned, listening to its rhythmic beating.

As an adult, he created a boutique luxury goods sourcing and distribution business that specialized in helping companies find the highest quality suppliers worldwide.

From the farms that provide the wool that eventually go into a famous British brand s hallmark checkered cashmere scarves to the leatherworkers who produce leather bags for famous French and Italian brands, Michael has a knack for identifying the world s absolute best quality producers in emerging economies.

As he got to know the producers better, he came to a realization that the actual price he could get these same products made for was many times 10 or 5 of what the eventual retail markup was — far far below what the famous luxury brands charged for them and much higher than the usual markups in standard wholesaling.

He realized that the crazy markup was required for these brands to keep paying for celebrity endorsements and sponsoring global sporting events to try to increase brand strength.

The luxury watch segment of the market was especially egregious, as he got to know more master watchmakers and boutique horological shops that made turnkey watches for large Swiss conglomerates, who would use a loophole in the weakness of the trade directive term Swiss Made to just ship an engraved rotor from Switzerland to China, and then source and make 100 of the rest of the watch there, and then it would ship directly to its final point of sale.

And so he decided to see if there was a market for people who cared about receiving a quality timepiece without an overly inflated budget for marketing dollars, who wanted a true timepiece that was worth its value.

And so he decided to create a quality dependable Tourbillon timepiece that would be under 1000 that would still have all the hallmarks found in higher end watches.

Tourbillon watch co.

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