Stuhrling tourbillon watch

Stuhrling tourbillon watchStuhrling Original 541.

331X2 Tourbillon Aureate Watch Review.

Although tourbillons are becoming increasingly common, it is still uncommon to find a good-quality, tourbillon watch for under 5 figures.

As the name suggests, the Stührling Original 541.

331X2 Tourbillon Aureate watch offers just that.

In case you re wondering what the fuss is about, a tourbillon is a rotational device that was designed to counteract the effects of gravity on mechanical-movement watches.

It s also often a hallmark of the most luxurious watches.

For many buyers, that is enough reason to snap up this limited-edition watch now.

, we know that some of you will have a few more questions, so don t worry – we ll still review everything else too.

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This really is a tourbilllon.

, I m almost sure not, a tourbillon is a very expensive complication, which has nothing to do with watches of a few thousand dollars.

but if relamente it is .

I can only say wow, although sorry for my disbelief but I m almost sure that s not a tourbillon.

John Altieri says.

Matt, Stührling is NOT a Swiss watch company who told you that.

They are AMERICAN, and they put the dots over the u to look European.

Häagen-Dazs does the same thing to sound European .

Below is the link for their website .

nothing says Swiss like Brooklyn NY again see for yourself.

Matthew Catellier says.

Hey John, you re totally right.

This was one of the very first articles posted on the WRB and it s in need of a serious re-write.

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Stuhrling tourbillon watch.

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331510 – MEN S WATCH.

Ask the Watch Experts Buying Watches Online.

Stuhrling Original is proud to introduce the Viceroyale Tourbillon, an incredible addition to the Special Reserve Collection.

This entire timepiece is constructed using only the finest materials, from the 316L surgical grade stainless steel to the genuine crocodile strap.

The dial of the Viceroyale Tourbillon is decorated with a hydraulically stamped guilloche solei patterning, and on top of that, a separate plate that is home to the individually applied Roman numerals.

The rotating tourbillon cage can be found at 6 o clock, and this particular moveMent was custom-designed for Stuhrling Original; each one of the arms takes on the shape of a swan neck or an S.

And of course the Viceroyale is protected by Krysterna crystals, a material more shatter-resistant than sapphire.

Krysterna is proprietary to Stührling Original and refers to the crystals that are used in its timepieces.

Krysterna stems from the eyewear industry and has more strength over a spread surface area than sapphire.

Krysterna crystals are more scratch resistant than mineral crystals and more shatter resistant than sapphire crystals.

The Tourbillon Family is part of the Tourbillon Collection, which includes some of Stuhrling Original s most incredible horologic creations.

These incredible timepieces feature elegant and creative case designs with fascinating dial configurations.

Summary of Features.

MoveMent Manual Mechanical Tourbillon MoveMent.

The hand-wound mechanical moveMent is perhaps the most classical of moveMents.

It operates exclusively by the daily or sometimes more often winding of the crown to power the mainspring the heart of the moveMent .

Unlike its automatic mechanical counterpart, this type of moveMent does not feature a rotor.

The energy source is the mainspring a spring coiled into a tight spiral which is wound manually by the wearer twisting the crown, usually in a clockwise direction.

As time progresses, the spring begins to uncoil, releasing the energy needed to activate the various wheels and make the moveMent tick.

Without routine winding of the crown, the hand-wound mechanical moveMent will eventually lose power.

Thus, mechanical hand-wound moveMents usually require daily winding.

A hand-wound moveMent requires greater care than almost all other types of moveMents because once the mainspring is fully wound, additional tension may cause it to break.

Complications Two Hand Tourbillon MoveMent Dial Hydraulically Stamped Guilloche Solei Dial Hands Alpha-Style Hands.

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Stuhrling tourbillon watch.

For some people on here, the cheap Tourbillons are of no interest to you.

But I have seen some people ask about them.

Hopefully this review will clear up some of the questions and speculation about the cheap tourbs.

I will admit that I would have never seen myself ever buying one of these.

I was browsing Ebay a couple of days ago and I saw one for sale.

I had the opportunity to pick it up below market value so I thought why not.

If worst comes to worst I can flip this thing and make a couple of bucks.

I clicked “buy it now” and a couple days later, it showed up.

Going into this purchase, I thought that it was a fresh off the Chinese assembly line watch.

An overpriced POS that will break while being shipped to me.

Boy was I wrong.

First a little bit about the company.

I picked up a watch made by a company called “Stuhrling”.

From what little experience I have with this brand, it was the 50 off at Marshalls bargain watch.

I mean, the watches I have seen from this company were atrocious.

They felt so flimsy, the finish was terrible, and it just looked like a cheap watch.

In fact, the only experience I had prior to this was laughing at a buddy of mine who picked one up thinking it was a good deal.

However, digging a little bit deeper into this company I found some interesting facts.

The roots of this company can be traced to the 1800s.

I guess they went belly up and the name lied dormant for a while.

When the company re-launched in 1999, they tried to pull a fast one over the industry and labeled their movements “lexus”.

This was to conjure up notions of exclusivity and what not.

However, it was nothing more than a run of the mill Chinese movement.

They were very poor quality and it hurt their reputation dearly.

Fast forward to now, they are now known as an “international brand”, having facilities in both Switzerland and Hong Kong.

Judging from a quick google search, they are still pumping out the bargain bin watches, but when this watch arrived, it far surpassed my expectations.

The watch came in a wooden box with a very nice gloss coating.

It felt solid, and you could tell that it was actually real wood.

Open it up and the watch sits nicely on a pillow.

The warranty cards and what not are nestled in the box pocket.

I was thinking to myself, “hmmmm, this actually seems like a real watch.

Now came the moment of truth, I picked up the watch and eagerly took the tag off.

Feeling the case, weight, and the general build of the watch I was blown away.

This is a VERY nice watch.

The finish was gorgeous, but the thing that won me over was the face.

It was very detailed and you could tell that this watch had a lot of time put into it.

It also said “Individually Handcrafted” above the Tourbillon.

Strange†I checked out their site and this is how it is listed • Sword-Style Hands with Luminova Fill • Individually Applied Roman Numeral 12 and Baton Indices • Polished Bezel • 3H-9H 45mm; 6H-12H 45mm • Stainless Steel Exhibition Case Back • Sapphire Crystal • Stainless Steel Knurl Edge Crown • 5 ATM Water Resistant 50 meters 165 feet • 22mm Genuine Alligator Strap • Stainless Steel Tang Buckle.

So apparently the XII and the baton indices are hand applied.

With many cheap Chinese watches you would expect a very poor quality mineral crystal.

This came with a Sapphire crystal.

Another perk was the exhibition case back.

The backside is not pretty, but I do still prefer this over a “normal” case back.

The movement is hand winding, so after a few rolls of the crown, the movement was up and running.

The movement itself keeps very good time, – 5 seconds.

I picked this up about 3 days ago so I will see how well this movement holds up.

From what I can tell though, it seems like a surprisingly strong movement.

The Tourbillon is amazing.

For anyone who truly is into watches, you will appreciate this.

Now, this is far from the swiss tourbs that are seen in the 30k watches, but I still very much think it is aesthetically pleasing.

This watch fills the void for people who want to own this complication, but don†t have 5 figures to shell out on it.

To top everything off, the watches†Cotes de Geneve decoration are actually very nice.

The watch is a 45mm face and it wears beautifully.

The case is not too thick that it is a tuna can style, but big enough for people to notice it.

I must say, if you disregard the name and the shady past, it is a nice looking watch.

The Cons Yes, there are some cons with this watch.

The first off is the lume, or lack there of.

The lume goes away within a couple of hours, so if you are trying to check the time at night you are SOL.

The second is the strap.

The strap is supposed to be genuine Alligator.

I have never owned an alligator strap so I don†t know what the true feeling is of the strap.

This strap to me feels cheap.

Overall l Overall, I would say that I am very pleased with this purchase.

I have never owned a non swiss watch except for g shocks .

Because of this I was expecting a sub par watch.

However I would compare the build, quality and general feel to a nice Steinhart.

The company itself seems to have made a 180 turn from the last time I saw them.

A few years ago they were laughable.

Maybe it is just that this is the highest quality watch that they make, but I look at Stuhrling in a new light.

I will say this, this watch is like the nicest Jetta in a room full of Audis.

Their highest quality watch is on par with the lowest quality “nice watch”.

And although I would never wear this in front of watch aficionados and try to pass this off as expensive, I do not regret my purchase.