Tourbillon watch most expensive

Tourbillon watch most expensive10 Expensive Tourbillon Watches.

10 Expensive Tourbillon Watches.

If you were searching for some amazing tourbillon watches, you can stop now, because you re in the right place.

Today we re bringing to you some of the best models manufactured under the best brands on the market.

Even though you can see that the title clearly states that we re talking here about expensive , I must let you know, that you won t find on our list a timepiece that s under 180.

And that s because these watches are unique, some of them are limited editions, made from expensive materials, and the most important part is that a lot of work and dedication were put in creating this amazing time-telling devices.

But let s move on and see which are the 10 Expensive Tourbillon Watches we have prepared for you today.

Audemars Piguet Jules Audemars Tourbillon Chronograph 187,880.

First on the list is this beautiful Jules Audemars Tourbillon Chronograph watch from Audemars Piguet.

This timepiece comes in a 43mm in diameter and 14mm thick 18kt Rose Gold case with polished finished smooth bezel, and features an elegant silver dial with a beautiful engine turned guilloche texture.

On the dial, we can spot the skeleton leaf shaped hands, and the 1 minute Tourbillon located at the 6 o clock position.

The 30 minute chronograph stop-watch function features a central seconds counter and a 30 minute sub-dial counter located at the 3 o clock position.

The chronograph function is fitted with titanium lever in the mechanism, thus eliminating the phenomenon of the jumping chronograph hand when starting the chronograph function.

Audemars Piguet Jules Audemars Tourbillon Chronograph contains 25 jewels, and has an approximate Power Reserve of 70 hours.

4 of the most expensive watches at America s biggest watch event, including the 800,000 Breguet that Cristiano Ronaldo was seen wearing.

America s largest luxury watch event took place on October 25 and 26 in New York City.

A total of 37 brands were presenting their high-end timepieces at WatchTime New York 2019, an annual showing hosted by watch magazine WatchTime.

These included centuries-old watchmakers like Omega and Breguet, as well as younger independent brands like Romain Gauthier, Armin Strom, and Tulloch, the latter of which made its worldwide debut as a company at the event.

While some of the most inexpensive watches went for 16,500, many were priced well into the six-figure range.

To keep prices in context, a vintage Patek Philippe sold at auction on Saturday went for a record-smashing 31 million.

Here s a look at four of the priciest timepieces that were on display at WatchTime s annual event.

Armin Strom Minute Repeater Resonance.

Released in a limited collection of just 10 pieces, this watch celebrates the 10th anniversary of Armin Strom.

The company also touts it as the world s first and only resonance chiming wristwatch, offering two complications resonance and minute repeater in one timepiece.

According to press materials, the watch was inspired by the Zytglogge, a watch tower that s been standing in Bern s center for more than eight centuries.

The Armin Strom Minute Repeater Resonance is valued at 350,000, a spokesperson for WatchTime told Business Insider.

The Most Expensive Watches In The Whole W .

From super-complication pocket watches to vintage wristwatches with famous owners, these are horology s big-ticket pieces.

Who needs a rainy day fund when you ve the equivalent of a Swiss bank account on your wrist.

Yes, throwing down a handsome sum on a luxury timepiece is one of the greatest indulgences a man can enjoy.

We don t get to enjoy fancy jewellery.

We just get fancy watches, instead.

Some pieces are a step above the usual fare in the showcase, though.

Like a Patek Philippe 20-function piece that broke records when it sold at the OnlyWatch charity auction.

The same can be said for Marie-Antoinette s grande complication.

Both belong to the world s most expensive watches, and yes, you ll need a few lives worth of savings to even make a dent on these valued pieces.

Here are the priciest of the bunch.

Oh, and for the sake of fairness, we ve left out all the models that are caked in bazillions of diamonds.

Because that doesn t really count, does it.

As part of a limited edition release of the signature Quasar model, the Light model is one of just 18 worldwide.

Which doesn t sound all that special.

After all, big fancy watch marques do this all the time.

Girard-Perregaux accrues its cool 300,000 pricetag however thanks to its tourbillon movement composed of 79 different parts.

It took over 200 hours of work, hundreds of operations and techniques honed over the course of 200 years.

That sort of skill doesn t come cheap.

Chopard is known as one of the horological greats and with good reason.

After winning watch of the year for their L.

C Full Strike at the 2017 Geneva Watchmaking Grand Prix, the marque dropped a familiar yet no less exciting watch the following year, with a price tag to match.

C All-in-One combines exclusivity with well-known myth.

Only ten watches in each edition rose gold and platinum were made but the stimulus behind them is one most people will be familiar with.

Inspired by the Roman god Janus famed for his two faces this watch has two dials.

It also bears some godly insides, too, with features that include a perpetual calendar, astronomical readings and a tourbillon a complex rotating mechanical system which takes great skill to make.

Sure, it may set you back a hefty 374,000 or more, depending on the exchange rate but it s safe to say you can t put a price on divine power.

Tick-tock supremos Maîtres du Temps are famous for bringing together some of the most exceptional watchmakers in the world to collaborate on game-changing models and the Chapter One Round Transparence is the perfect example.

A mishmash of idiosyncratic design and varying schools of horology read watchmaking , the Chapter One is both classic and complex.

That s not to mention the 18k red gold case and limited edition engraving that really sets it apart only 11 models were made .

At a wallet-demolishing 404,000, it stands out as a much sought-after tribute to the industry s fascinating past and exciting future.

If Batman wore a watch, this would be it.

Not only is it packed out with gadgetry, but it also looks moodier than a 14 year-old boy at a garden centre.

Limited to 68 pieces, the Night Eagle is a modified version of the earlier DualTow concept.

The time is told on two revolving belts no, not utility belts , and the movement offers a chronograph with a special planetary gear system.

It also features tourbillons a mechanism that helps to counter the effect of gravity within the watch , a mini gong and hammer for its chime, and 65 jewels shimmering from within its dark colour scheme.

Bruce Wayne s probably reaching for his cheque book right now.

This one s nice and all, but it s a little on the nose.

A more classic and minimalist style compared to the other pieces on this list – but why would the most important watchmaker of the 20th century need to be brash.

George Daniels only produced a few dozen timepieces within his life, but his most important contribution to the industry was the invention of the Co-Axial Escapement system which he later sold to Omega.

It was revolutionary for a number of very geeky reasons, but most importantly it allowed for longer times between servicing.

The one-of-a-kind George Daniel Co-Axial Chronograph sold for 619,000 at auction in 2012, and for good reason its a piece of bonafide history.

When Italian jewellery company Bulgari purchased Swiss watch brand Gerald Genta, the most celebrated and money-spinning result was this the Magsonic Sonnerie Tourbillon.

It s as loud as it proud, and contains enough ultra-complicated functionality for the proper heads among us, notably an array of chimes that have been enhanced by a special magsonic alloy that s a special metal that supposedly enhances the sound of music, although don t throw away your AirPods just yet .

At 620,000, it ll make just as much impact on your wrist as it will on your life-savings.

It would appear watchmakers have an appreciation for Roman culture.

The Ulysse Nardin Hannibal Minute Repeater Tourbillion that s a mouthful includes a motif nodding to the Hannibalic War.

However, the engraving is not the only thing that makes this watch so extravagant and expensive.

Every component is hand-finished, from the main plate to the top bridge.

The watch boasts a Westminster Minute Repeater which, if you were unaware or not a music aficionado, is no normal minute repeater.

It has a unique musical system like Big Ben s, albeit hopefully much quieter.

With complex intricacies and a grand design, you get big thrills within a small watch, albeit at the even bigger price-tag of around 571,000.

Audemars Piguet has previous when it comes to crafting head-spinning cocktails of complications shop-talk for features in fact, it s probably been doing it longer than any existing watch manufacturer.

But the Grande Complication is undoubtedly its best yet.

And what s more, it look bloody lovely too.

The titanium model will set you back more than 700k, but can you really put a price on style.

But it s OK to stare a little longer .

With 36 different complications, 1,483 individual components, a 1,000-year calendar and a wealth of other eclectic features, the Frank Muller Aeternitas has the potential to leave you as confused as a modern polling expert.

Labelled as the Master of Complications by ticker aficionados, the Swiss watchmaker has managed to cram an unprecedented number of utilities into the MEGA 4 model, which also features a glass sapphire case back and a piece of tourbillon on the dial.

Check out this guide to its myriad functions to get an idea of just how much of a engineering feat this is.

A one-of-a-kind timepiece produced in 2013 specifically for auction, the 5004T is the only titanium version of the beautiful-but-alas-discontinued Patek Philippe 5004 collection.

The Swiss watch dons caused a stir in the industry when they created the rare edition, which adopted a sportier, more colourful look than its more conservative family members.

Think of it as the Fresh Prince to the 5004 s Carlton.

It sold at 2,985,000 in a hotly contested auction, and has been lusted after by longing wrists ever since.

Named after Louis Monet, the celebrated 18 th century-born father of chronograph watches, the Meteoris Collection s astronomical price tag is pretty fitting, all things considered.

The collection four watches in total feature precious stones and meteorite pieces integrated into the dials.

Each watch showcases a unique piece of rare space rock for example, the Tourbillon Mars includes a fragment of the Jiddat al Harasis 479 meteorite, an authentic, 180 million year-old piece of the planet Mars that fell to Earth.

So yeah pretty special.

Martian meteorites can sell for as much as 1,000 per gram more than 15 times the price of gold.

It s the closest you ll get to experiencing space, short of sharing a Virgin Galactic flight with Richard Branson.

He d probably chat your face off for the whole journey, and make you drink Virgin Cola too.

Go for the watch instead.

This isn t just a grail piece.

It s in the holiest-of-holies tier of the grail pyramid there were only four examples of the Patek Phillipe 1518 steel ever made, and when it was introduced in 1941 it was the first watch with a perpetual calendar and chronograph.

It s an unbelievably complex, rare and historically significant piece from a very collectable maker.

On pretty much every level, it s a world-beater.

So, it s understandable that it went for 11,002,000 Swiss Francs 8.

9 million at auction at Phillips in Geneva, a world record for a wristwatch at auction in November 2016.

Seven bidders pushed it past the Only Watch Patek Philippe 5016 which sold a year before that for 7.

3 million CHF 5.

The eponymous Rolex gifted to Paul Newman by his wife Joanne Woodward it s engraved with the message Drive Carefully in reference to his love for racing in 1968, the Paul Newman Daytona has been considered a holy grail timepiece amongst collectors and fans for decades, but even the most fervent Rolex fanboys couldn t have imagined just how much it would reach in auction.

Given a conservative price tag of 1,000,000, King Cool s everyday watch, with its black-and-creme exotic dial, was eventually sold to an undisclosed phone buyer for a brain-melting 13,500,000 the equivalent of 9,030 2017 Rolex Daytonas.

At the time, that made it the most expensive wristwatch ever made.

After a five-minute bidding war, Patek Philippe s Grandmaster Chime became the most expensive wrist watch ever sold at auction, beating out the Paul Newman Rolex above.

The final cost.

But then, that might seem like value, as you re technically getting two watches for your money.

Think of it as a very pricy buy-one-get-one-free offer, as the Grandmaster Chime boasts two dials one on the back and 20 different functions, which includes the titular chiming modes two of which are patented .

That s a lot of watch for a lot of money, but it also raised a lot of money for a good cause a portion of the sale will go towards research into Duchenne muscular dystrophy.

So you ve found a spare 25 million nestled in the pocket of some forgotten skinny jeans, and now you re torn on how to spend it.

Don t worry we ve all been there, brother.

You could do a lot worse than splash it on the Breguet Grande Complication Marie-Antoinette officially the priciest watch in the whole damn world.

Commissioned by a mysterious lover of the former French queen and cake advocate Marie-Antoinette, work began on the pocket watch yeah, we re going off-piste, but just look at it in 1782.

Legendary horologist Abraham-Louis Breguet started the project, before his son finished the job in 1827.

Encased in gold, the glass showcases the intricate mechanism inside, based on the most revolutionary technologies of the time.

Only the best for queeny.

Problem is, they probably spent a little too long fussing over it.

As luck would have it, Mary-Antoinette was guillotined 34 years before the watch even saw light of day, or the inside of a pocket.

The watch was then stolen in the late 1900s from a museum in Jerusalem, and only re-emerged in 2007.

It s now locked away in the L.

A Mayer museum, waiting for you to march in with a suitcase full of fifties.

The 10 Most Expensive Watches Over 1 Million.

Buying a luxury watch is much of a fashion statement as it is an investment.

These exquisite timepieces have so much more to them than simply showing time and, like a good whiskey, they will increase in value over time.

Take a look at these ten timepieces that display beautiful craftsmanship, precision engineering, and a price tag north of 1 million.

Jaeger Lecoultre Hybris Mechanica Grande Sonnerie.

Based in Le Sentier, Switzerland, luxury watchmaker Jaeger-LeCoultre was founded all the way back in 1833 by Antoine LeCoultre.

This particular timepiece was originally crowned worlds most s complicated watch.

The watch is equipped with Calibre 182 movement with 26 complications, 1,300 parts, and a 44mm 18k white gold case.

Lange Sohne s Grand Complication.

Lange Söhne is a german watchmaking company founded in 1845.

For 2013, the brand announced that it would be releasing one of the most expensive watches of all time in the 2.

6 million Grand Complication.

This extremely complex watch is housed in a 50mm diameter pink gold case with 867 parts.

The watch also sounds off 24 hours of chimes throughout the day, all of which were turned completely by hand.

Blancpain Pain Le Brassus Tourbillon Carrousel.

Gravity is a mechanical watch s worst enemy.

Watchmakers deploy a handful of devices in order to reduce the adverse effects gravity has on movement.

Tourbillon and carrousel carousel are two such methods, and this watch is extremely unique due to the fact that it uses both a real engineering feat.

In fact, Blancpain is the first to do so.

Founded in 1735, the Swatch Group-owned brand has earned the respect of watch aficionados everywhere for innovation like this.

The Tourbillon Carrousel watch is equipped with a 44.

60 mm diameter case and composed of 379 parts.

Piaget Emperador Temple.

This beautiful and appealing watch is also called as fully iced.

This watch has two parts of the case the first part is designed with 207 baguette cut diamonds, 481 brilliant cut diamonds, and an emerald cut diamond that is located on the top of the case whereas the second part contain a watch that has a dial made up of Polynesian mother of pearl and is adorned with 173 diamonds in baguette and brilliant cuts.

Louis Moinet Meteoris .

The inventor of the chronograph s legacy lives on through collections like this.

Technically this is a set of watches, but because these four tourbillons sell for 4,599,487.

What makes these watches so unique and expensive are the construction materials.

Collaborating with Luc Labenne, the watches have been made using pieces from not only the moon, but also a Mars meteorite and an asteroid.

You also get a complimentary planetarium depicting the solar system with your multi-million dollar investment.

Don t forget to download Legacy A Design Craftmanship Testimony for free.

Hublot Big Bang Diamond watch.

PRICE 5 million.

Hublot Diamond watch is one of the most expensive watches in the world.

It is a beautiful watch that is designed and adorned with 1,280 diamonds that weigh 140 carats and it contains six stones each of them weigh at least three carats.

It is a watch that requires a high time for creation as the company assigns seventeen employees that took fourteen months in its designing.

It is an outstanding diamond watch that has 18 carat white gold dial of 4.

4mm with 18 carat white gold lining and the bracelet also contains 18 carat white gold.

The Patek Philippe Sky Moon Tourbillon.

The Sky Moon Tourbillon is the most complicated watch ever made by Patek Philippe and also the workshop s first double-face wristwatch.

On the front side perpetual calendar with retrograde date hand and on the back side sidereal time, sky chart, phase and orbit of the Moon.

Sky Moon Tourbillon movement consists of 686 parts, some of which are microscopically small.

On May 10, 2010, a Patek Philippe Sky Moon Tourbillon 18K gold perpetual calendar chronograph wristwatch with moon phases.

Patek Philippe Caliber 89 Pocket Watch.


Built back in 1989, this timepiece remains the world s most complicated pocket watch with an impressive 33 complications.

The watch was created to celebrate the company s 150-year anniversary, weighs over 2 pounds, and took the team at Patek Philippe five years of research along with four years of manufacturing to make this watch a reality.

With 1,728 components, this complex mechanical pocket watch can perform all sorts of functions, including displaying the temperature.

Breguet Hora Mundi.


The man, who was responsible for establishing the Breguet company in Paris all the way back in 1775, was Abraham Louis Breguet.

Breguet is claimed to having invented the tourbillon.

This technology brought to his company success and recognition.

Many consider Breguet to be the world s oldest and longest running timepiece manufacturer in the world.

Breguet Grande Complication Marie-Antoinette.


Encased in gold, displaying the intricate mechanism running it, Breguet used sapphire to lower the friction within the piece.

It was commissioned by an alleged lover of Marie Antoinette, the French queen.

Work on the watch began in 1782 by Abraham-Louis Breguet and was finished in 1827 by his son, 4 years after his death.

The result, an amazing piece of design, class, and technology containing every function that was possible at that time.

Marie Antoinette did not get to see the watch since it was completed 34 years after her execution.

When not in use, these luxury watches need to be kept safe and in good conditions.

Take a look at these exquisite watch winders from Boca do Lobo s Private Collection, that, just like the piece, are a celebration of superior craftsmanship and hyper-luxury design.

This unique winder reflects fascinating design handcrafted to become an object of desire.

The fine mechanisms of valuable automatic watches require movement and relaxation.

Valuable clocks are like diamonds.

Lapidated like these precious gems, Diamond watch winder was sculpted from the finest materials in order to offer the perfect ambiance to the most valued collector watches while providing the best care the sensitive mechanisms of automatic timepieces require.

Inspired by the beauty and nobleness of the world s toughest material, the Diamond Safe is one of the most emblematic piece in Boca do Lobo s collection.

With a distinct design, this safe is customizable to fit safe-boxes, watch winders and cigar humidors.

Designed in a Victorian futuristic style and inspired by traditional Swiss watchmaking techniques, the Baron Safe is an exceptional piece of Haute craftsmanship, perfect for those with an appetite for extreme luxury.