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Why are Richard Mille watches so expensive.

Triple-decker cases, curved surfaces and robust movements more than justify the price of Richard Mille watches.

By Andrew Hildreth.

When Thomas Perkins, winner of the 2006 Richard Mille-sponsored Perini Navi Cup and previous owner of the Perini Navi yacht, the Maltese Falcon , announced on US television that he could have bought a tray of Rolex watches for the same price as a Richard Mille watch, it begged the question why are Richard Mille watches so expensive.

Not long after, Richard Mille himself gave an interview on CNBC in America in which he was asked if he had sold all of the 2 million dollar sapphire crystal watches.

You have to understand these are very technical watches.

The reporter, bemused that any watch could justify a price tag that high, remained silent.

But what did Mille mean by very technical .

The answer, of course, is complex, and explains why people are willing to part with millions of dollars for a Richard Mille watch.

Making a case for the case of Richard Mille watches.

The first element to consider is the case, and here I am talking specifically about the tonneau-shaped barrel case with which Richard Mille established himself.

From the outset, when there were only three metals used in case manufacture – white gold, red gold and titanium – there was almost no difference in the price between the same watch in each of the metals.

The sandwich-style Richard Mille watch case is one of the most expensive and difficult to manufacture.

Comprised of three decks – front and back bezels, as well as the middle section – each component is curved.

There are no flat surfaces to make machining easier and, what s more, the three curved surfaces have to fit together to within 100th of a millimetre to stop moisture or dust entering.

The use of avant-garde, high-tech materials.

The second element is that Mille has started to use case and baseplate materials that are normally used in such realms as Formula 1 cars, aerospace and racing yachts.

The materials used are leading-edge technology, even in the industries outside of watchmaking.

Not only is the metal or material new in terms of composition, the ability to use them in watchmaking is unknown.

Mille dedicates years – and invests millions of Swiss francs – to understanding the material and how to incorporate it in his watches.

Carbon nanotubes, toughened ceramic, NTPT carbon originally developed for the sails of racing yachts , silicon nitride, gold fused with carbon and quartz, perfluoroelastomer and all sorts of other alchemist fantasies are concocted to give the watches a unique patina and impressive resilience.

Add to this the real-life crash tests executed by the brand s stable of athletes including Bubba Watson and more recently the Spanish heptathlete Maria Vicente and you begin to understand at least some of the zeros in the price tag.

The new Carbon TPT strap above is the latest addition to the women s RM 07-01 that has 200 components in the strap alone and weighs a mere 29 grams.

For the RM056 series and the RM 07-02 Gemset Sapphire models, where the case is manufactured from sapphire crystal, Mille had to find new ways to polish crystal to the required dimensions of the tonneau case.

Polishing flat surfaces is easy, but polishing complex curved surfaces presents a whole new set of problems.

The method requires that the surfaces be polished using ultrasound in a pot of viscous diamond-particle filled mud, where the effects of polishing cannot be measured.

The failure rate for such a process is high when the three parts of the case have to fit to within the same 100th of a millimetre tolerance.

The range of Gemset Sapphire watches now includes blue, green and pink sapphire crystal, this year with an extra dose of diamonds.

The sapphire crystal requires 40 days of finishing and twice the time to set the gemstones compared to ceramics or Carbon TPT.

21st-century movements.

Apart from the cases, the movements inside are not standard, have usually required a comprehensive redesign and are coated in materials new to high-end watchmaking.

Mille never did enter the classical world of Geneva stripes and perlage decorations – his watch movements are coated in PVD Physical Vapor Deposition or Titalyt.

The parts are usually a hybrid of titanium with other materials that Mille s dedicated team of watchmakers and micro engineers spend years perfecting.

In one instance, for the RM018 Boucheron, the gear train was comprised of wheels created from semi-precious stone that had been placed within a heated brass surround before being fixed as the brass cooled.

The research required for such innovations takes years, with dedicated teams of watchmakers and micro engineers.

This may not be the model of the lonely Swiss watchmaker, but then Mille never intended for it to be so.

Richard Mille watches are more akin to Formula 1 cars with their cutting-edge use of material science, combining hand finishing with exemplary mechanics and, by necessity, a highly limited production.

The comparison between a Formula 1 car and a Richard Mille watch is what justifies the price tag.

Richard Mille watches are the most expensive racing machines for the wrist.

Just like a Formula 1 car, they are far more than the sum of their parts, elevating timekeeping to the highest form of technical art.

Article updated August 2019.

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Richard Mille.

Richard Mille Bonbon RM 16-01 Automatic Fraise.

Карбон Новинка 2019 Лимитированная серия из 30 экземпляров.

188,000 12 449 303 188,000 173,223.

Richard Mille Bonbon RM 16-01 Reglisse Liquorice.

Керамика и титан.

Новинка 2019 Лимитированная серия из 30 экземпляров.

169,000 11 191 129 169,000 155,717.

Richard Mille RM 11-03 McLaren.

Титан и карбон Лимитированная серия из 500 экземпляров Новинка 2018.

Как новые, 2018 год.

298,000 19 733 470 298,000 274,578.

Richard Mille RM 35-02 Rafael Nadal Diamonds.

245,000 17 607 733 265,898 245,000.

Richard Mille RM 17-01 Manual Winding Tourbillon.

960,000 68 993 568 1,041,888 960,000.

Richard Mille RM 14 Perini Navi Cup.

Белое золото 18 карат.

239,000 17 176 523 259,386 239,000.

Richard Mille RM 27 Limited Edition.

Лимитированная серия из 10 экземпляров.

980,000 70 430 934 1,063,594 980,000.

Richard Mille RM 032 Automatic Diver s Watch.

89,000 6 396 278 96,591 89,000.

Richard Mille RM011 Black Night.

Карбон Лимитированная серия из 100 экземпляров.

192,500 12 747 292 192,500 177,370.

Richard Mille RM 004-V3 Manual Winding Split-Seconds Chronograph.

410,000 27 150 077 410,000 377,775.

Richard Mille RM 11-03 Black Carbon NTPT Flyback Chronograph Watch.

255,000 16 886 023 255,000 234,957.

Richard Mille RM 11-03 McLaren.

Титан и карбон Лимитированная серия из 500 экземпляров Новинка 2018.

335,000 22 183 599 335,000 308,670.

Richard Mille RM-011 NTPT Carbon Black Night.

Лимитированная серия из 100 экземпляров.

190,000 12 581 743 190,000 175,066.

Richard Mille RM 030 EMEA.

Керамика Лимитированная серия из 100 экземпляров.

185,000 13 295 635 200,780 185,000.

Richard Mille RM 037.

Розовое золото 18 карат.

135,000 9 702 220 146,515 135,000.

Richard Mille RM 032 Automatic Diver s Watch.

Розовое золото 18 карат.

100,000 7 186 830 108,530 100,000.

Richard Mille RM 011 Flyback Chronograph Korea.

Белое золото 18 карат Лимитированная серия из 20 экземпляров.

Идеальное состояние, 2017 год.

138,000 9 917 825 149,771 138,000.

Richard Mille RM 011-02 Flyback Chronograph Dual Time.

136,000 9 774 088 147,600 136,000.

Richard Mille RM 35-02 Rafael Nadal.

Цена по запросу.

Richard Mille RM 25-01 Manual Winding Tourbillon Chronograph Adventure Sylvester Stallone.

Лимитированная серия из 20 экземпляров.

1,050,000 75 461 715 1,139,565 1,050,000.

Richard Mille RM 11-03 Flyback Chronograph.

Розовое золото 18 карат.

208,000 13 773 697 208,000 191,651.

Richard Mille Bonbon RM 07-03 Automatic Myrtille.

Карбон Новинка 2019 Лимитированная серия из 30 экземпляров.

180,000 11 919 546 180,000 165,852.

Richard Mille Sprint Wayde Van Niekerk.

Карбон, композитное стекловолокно.

150,000 10 780 245 162,795 150,000.

Richard Mille RM 032 Automatic Diver s Watch.

143,000 9 469 417 143,000 131,760.

Richard Mille RM 029 Automatic White Gold.

Белое золото 18 карат.

92,000 6 611 883 99,847 92,000.

Richard Mille Bonbon RM 37-01 Sucette Lollipop.

Керамика и розовое золото Новинка 2019 Лимитированная серия из 30 экземпляров.

Цена по запросу.

Richard Mille Bonbon RM 37-01 Automatic Kiwi.

Карбон Новинка 2019 Лимитированная серия из 30 экземпляров.

Цена по запросу.

Richard Mille Bonbon RM 37-01 Automatic Cerise.

Карбон Новинка 2019 Лимитированная серия из 30 экземпляров.

Цена по запросу.

Richard Mille Bonbon RM 16-01 Automatic Citron.

Карбон Новинка 2019 Лимитированная серия из 30 экземпляров.

Цена по запросу.

Richard Mille Bonbon RM 07-03 Cupcake.

Керамика и титан Новинка 2019 Лимитированная серия из 30 экземпляров.

Цена по запросу.

Richard Mille Bonbon RM 07-03 Marshmallow.

Керамика и розовое золото Новинка 2019 Лимитированная серия из 30 экземпляров.

Цена по запросу.

Richard Mille Bonbon RM 07-03 Automatic Litchi.

Карбон Новинка 2019 Лимитированная серия из 30 экземпляров.

Цена по запросу.

Richard Mille RM 15 Tourbillon Dual Time Zone Perini Navi.

390,000 28 028 637 423,267 390,000.

Richard Mille RM 70-01 Alain Prost RM Carbon.

Карбон Новинка 2018 Лимитированная серия из 50 экземпляров.

Цена по запросу.

Richard Mille RM 010 Skeletonized Automatic White Gold.

Мужские часы в корпусе из белого золота 18 карат.

Механика с .

Цена по запросу.

Richard Mille RM 010 Skeletonized Automatic Titanium.

Мужские часы в титановом корпусе.

Механика с автоподзаводом.

Цена по запросу.

Richard Mille RM 010 Black Night.

Нержавеющая сталь с DLC-поерытием Лимитированная серия из 20 экземпляров.

Цена по запросу.

Richard Mille RM 035 Rafael Nadal Chronofiable Certified.

110,000 7 284 167 110,000 101,354.

Richard Mille RM 030 Paris Saint-Germain.

Керамика Лимитированная серия из 100 экземпляров.

139,000 9 989 693 150,856 139,000.

Richard Mille 11-02 LeMans Classic.

Керамика Лимитированная серия из 150 экземпляров.

Цена по запросу.

Richard Mille RM 035-02 Rafael Nadal Automatic Movement NTPT Case.

Цена по запросу.

Richard Mille RM 11-03 Titanium Felipe Massa Automatic Flyback Chronograph.

193,000 12 780 402 193,000 177,830.

Richard Mille RM 022 Carbon.

Карбон Лимитированная серия из 5 экземпляров.

415,000 27 481 175 415,000 382,382.

Richard Mille RM 055 Bubba Watson.

75,000 5 390 122 81,397 75,000.

Harry Winston Lady Z Zalium Diamonds 36 mm 400-UAMP36Z.

14,500 1 042 090 15,736 14,500.

13,500 970 222 14,651 13,500.

Chopard Happy Sport 38 mm 288964-3003.

150 000 150 000 2,265 2,087.

Ulysse Nardin Executive Skeleton X 42 mm 3713-260-3 03.

Титан Новинка 2019.

11,200 804 924 12,155 11,200.

Rolex Datejust 36 mm 16203.

Нержавеющая сталь, желтое золото 18 карат.

4,400 291 366 4,400 4,054.

Breguet Marine Royale 5847 45 mm 5847BR Z2 5ZV.

Розовое золото 18 карат.

21,500 1 423 723 21,500 19,810.

Rolex Submariner Date 40 mm 116613LN.

Нержавеющая сталь, желтое золото 18 карат.

13,100 941 474 14,217 13,100.

12,500 898 353 13,566 12,500.

Bvlgari Serpenti 35 mm SP35C4SPGD.

Нержавеющая сталь, розовое золото 18 карат, бриллианты.

13,600 900 587 13,600 12,531.

Bvlgari Serpenti Tubogas 35 mm 102123 SP35BSPG.

Нержавеющая сталь, розовое золото 18 карат.

8,000 529 757 8,000 7,371.

Bvlgari Serpenti SP35 35 mm.

Нержавеющая сталь, розовое золото 18 карат.

8,000 529 757 8,000 7,371.

Rolex Daytona Cosmograph 40 mm 116503.

Нержавеющая сталь, желтое золото 18 карат, перламутр.

21,000 1 509 234 22,791 21,000.

Breguet Classique 5157 38 mm 5157BB 11 9V6.

Белое золото 18 карат.

12,500 898 353 13,566 12,500.

Breguet Classique 5707 Alarm Le Reveil du Tsar 5707BA 12 9V6.

Желтое золото 18 карат.

13,200 874 100 13,200 12,162.

12,500 827 746 12,500 11,517.

Швейцарские часы Richard Mille аксессуары для стильных и состоятельных людей.

Роскошный дизайн моделей приятно радует глаз, а благодаря качественным швейцарским механизмам они будут радовать бесперебойной работой не один год.

Оригинальные модели далеко не всегда по карману их потенциальным владельцам, поэтому отличным вариантом станет покупка высококачественной копии.

На нашем сайте представлены только лучшие копии бренда Rochard Mille, которые практически ничем не отличаются от оригинальных моделей.

Richard Mille это одна из самых молодых компаний, специализирующихся на производстве наручных часов.

Она была основана в 1998 году одним из экспертов в данной области и носит его имя.

Уже спустя три года появилась первая коллекция наручных аксессуаров, заслужившая признание и доверие многих покупателей со всех уголочков мира.

Часы Richard Mille отличаются поразительной точностью, привлекательным дизайном, высокой технологичностью.

При производстве наручных аксессуаров профессиональные мастера компании используют современные материалы, высококачественные механизмы, а также передовые достижения отрасли.

К слову, журналисты уже успели окрестить швейцарскую марку вещью из будущего.

Это и неудивительно, ведь вся выпускаемая ею продукция красива, функциональна и обладает невероятным запасом прочности.

Drake s Richard Mille Watch Cost How Much.

Triple-decker cases, curved surfaces andВ robust actionsВ more than justify the value of Richard Mille watches.

Instead of decking out luxurious watches in expensive gold or platinum instances, Richard Mille borrows materials used within the realms of F1 cars and aerospace and introduces them into the Lilliputian context of a watch.

For the very first time, cameras have been allowed inside Richard Mille s facility in Les Breuleux Switzerland .

Richard Mille Bonbon Assortment The playful and sweet aspect of watchmaking.

Richard Mille based the watch model in 2001 with the assistance of privately held Swiss brand Audemars Piguet which supplies it with movements and owns a 10 stake.

Richard Mille s partnership with McLaren is about to final an extra decade.

Quote with regards to trendy-design watches, nobody we are able to think of gives this sort of high-quality experience when it comes to admiring the components and ending.

That may barely be enough to cover the worth of the second hand on his new Richard Mille watch.

In the Middle East, purchasers are much less hung up about the entire †my dad had a watch starting with R, so I have to personal one identical to that or †my mom s all the time had a French jewelry brand for all her watches, so I am going to must do the same .

For Solely Watch 2015, Richard Mille selected to offer aВ RM 27-02 Tourbillon Rafael Nadal, identical to the production piece, besides one little element it s the example that Rafa worn and tested richard mille replica watches himself through the 2015 tennis season including Roland Garros and Wimbledon .

The Swiss luxurious watchmaker Richard Mille is partnered with professional American golfer Bubba Watson.

Richard Mille never comes throughout as an impatient or eager man, and if he wished to sell his company he probably might for a handsome profit.

TheВ Richard Mille RM 27-02 Tourbillon Rafael Nadal is the best example of the concept behind the brand, watches made to be worn in excessive circumstances, mixing high-finish and ultra-subtle supplies and technical options with highly difficult and delicate movements.

Ariel Adams appears at the rise of Richard Mille and how the modern watchmaker moved the luxury cogs.

Atleast with RM you truly see the watch taking it, coping with mentioned situations on the wrists, gotta respect that especially for wildly sophisticated mechanical watches.

The RM 027 tourbillon was designed by champion tennis player Rafael Nadal who was carrying the posh timepiece by Richard Mille when he won the US Open and the French Open at Roland Garros.

And, as of some weeks in the past, New York watch followers can rise up shut and private with these reducing-edge wristwatches close to the intersection of Madison Avenue and East 57th Road.

Preview of one of the watches that RM will show fake richard mille duringВ the SIHH 2016.

When the mannequin first got here out, it was marketed as the presidents watch.

” Rolex boasts it has been worn extra by extra presidents, leaders, and visionaries” than some other timepiece.

Not bad for a 2,000-watch microbrand.

Together with watches, there are classed as an instrument meant to point, preserve and co-ordinate time.

There may be extreme beauty, sensuality and even pure sexiness to be found in the curved strains of a automobile s bodywork, the design of a jet engine, a fantastically polished part of a movement or the end of a watch case.

First, the outside the watch model collaborated with sapphire specialist Stettler, drawing insights from the automotive world to create a world first.

Richard Mille is a sought-after brand as a result of we deal with it with respect, and since there s a genuine coherency to our strategy, ” continues Mille.

Richard Mille unveils one other partnership, this time with US golfer Bubba Watson.

Richard Mille s very good accessories only use the best caliber materials for increased sturdiness, power and support.

Richard Mille has taken this message to heart with its newest Bonbon collection, a mouthwatering array of lollipops, marshmallows, sugar canes and candied fruit packed into ten restricted editions of 30 pieces every, with four flavours” in the Sweets line and six in the Fruit line.